A rare foray into something serious - a few weeks ago I replied to a job I’d seen on Gumtree.  My spidey-sense started tingling with the salary which was way above the norm but I applied anyhow.

Two days later I got a reply from someone who was recruiting on behalf of the client.  They had seen my CV and wanted me to fill in an application form. 

According to the email I would need to download these forms, they weren’t Word and I wondered if this person also recruited for the Nigerian princes who occassionally email me with offers of sumptuous fortunes.  Perhaps also the nice Ukranian girls who are looking to get married know her.  It’s a small world.

My spidey-senses had moved from tingle to concerning itch to A&E throb.  I did a bit of googling and it turns out that this download is no form (gasps from audience) but a trojan virus. 

Ironically the virus concerned looks to nab bank info off your computer, but surely robbing from those unemployed isn’t going to lead to an Aladin’s cave unless you mean one which is empty and has an IOU in it.

Keep ‘em peeled.